The AEI concept


The expression “agriculture écologiquement intensive” (Sustainable Intensive Agriculture) was created during the Grenelle environment forum in August 2008.

It's concerned with developing agriculture,  capable of facing great production needs, while remaining compatible with human health and a natural balance of the ecosystems.


This global movement towards a new agricultural model, a 'twofold green revolution',  concerns highly intensive, conventional farming methods such as those in use within Europe.  It's about producing as much, or more, in a better way and with much less input. However, it also concerns the poor farming families of developing countries with their need to produce more, but without resorting systematically to fossil fuels, chemicals and costly farm equipment.

In both cases, it's about intensifying efficient ecological processes.  Just as chemical exploitation, workforce and fossil fuels were intensified in their time.

In his recent books Michel Griffon, President of the association, has described the concept of sustainable intensive agriculture. You'll find a description of the meaning we give to this concept in our founding manifesto.



Because, in a context of demographic growth, damage to ecosystems, climate change and a scarcity of natural resources (the great challenges of 21st century agriculture) this initiative is necessary.  It's open to all of those dedicated to working together, without preconceptions, to design the agriculture needed for tomorrow.



 Each brings his/her own culture, experience, skills and concerns and joins on a personal level within the framework of our statutes, ensuring the independence of our priorities.

The implementation of sustainable intensive agriculture requires broad participation and effort in research, training, information and investment, both for reconstituting and taking care of ecosystems as well as for developing relevant expertise and the best suited green technologies.

Major debate is needed about the agricultural and commercial policies which determine agricultural activity and have repercussions on farmer's income.

We need your help. Join us by filling a membership form and we'll face the challenges of the 21st century agriculture together !