Charter for AEI

Charter for AEI



 1- Take action to enable French, and worldwide, agriculture to answer the considerable production demands of the 21st century, while remaining compatible with human health and a balance of the ecosystems :


  • By putting aside the old disputes between those wishing to produce better and those trying to produce more,
  • By contributing to a new social contract between farmers and society.  Especially, for young farmers to be active in the reconciliation between producers and ecological services,
  • By promoting collaboration between farmers, researchers, teachers, technicians, ecologists and the food industry.


 2 – Promote experimentation and the spread of good practice for sustainable intensive agriculture:


  • By using natural features of ecosystems in an exacerbated and integrated way,
  • By managing energy, water and nutrient cycles
  • By using and preserving biodiversity as a factor of production, through bio-inspiration for example,
  • By encouraging all those involved in financial affairs to put farmers at the core of the experimentation process
  • By encouraging new technologies able to conciliate respect of natural equilibrium of ecosystems and productivity
  • by respecting animals, their needs and their natural cycle

3-   To integrate an understanding of global warming and a scarcity of fossil fuels in the evolution of farming practice

  • By encouraging a cyclic economy, using few non-renewable inputs, fossil fuels and producing very little non- recoverable waste
  • By encouraging carbon stocks and natural nitrogen fixation via leguminous crop farming


 4- Improve the quality of taste and the nutrition value of agricultural products


  • By considering consumers' needs
  • By encouraging alternatives to plant protection products
  • By encouraging reflection about nutritional balance and its impact on health


5- Experience sharing amongst stakeholders in agriculture on a global scale


  • By considering that farmers are facing common issues and solutions must be shared
  • By giving a central role to local action and farmers initiative in the commitment to AEI instead of rhetoric